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What is Intuitive energy work?

Have you ever noticed that your first reaction to an injury or pain is to put your hands on that area? Or that when a loved one is suffering, you automatically hold their hand, touch their shoulder or embrace them? We all have this instinct to use our hands to comfort, heal and console.

Simply put, Reiki (ray-key) is Japanese for universal (rei) life energy (ki). It exists in all living things. When our life-force energy, or ki, is free-flowing and balanced, we experience a true sense of self, harmony and good health.

Reiki takes our hands-on-healing instinct and moves it a step further by opening a channel in the Reiki practitioner where life-force energy can move through their hands and reconnect to the recipient. The Reiki energy knows where to go and balances on every level. There is no religion or belief system required to experience the benefits of Reiki — and they truly are limitless, since it operates on every level of well-being. 

Shamanic Healing is an ancient practice based on animism, believed to be the oldest form of healing. It has been practiced for thousands of years on every continent in the world. It holds the belief that everything has a spirit- every animal, plant, tree, element etc. In Shamanic Healing, we believe that to restore wholeness and balance, you must get to the root of the problem and can do so using various methods.

Brook gracefully weaves these modalities together by channeling Reiki energy through her hands and using her intuition and your guides to find the root of the imbalance with Shamanic Healing, aligning you with your own ability to heal. Each session is totally unique to the person receiving the healing, so sessions may include light touch, sound healing, crystals, breathwork and plant or flower medicine.

What to expect?

Since we are so unique in our healing processes, it is hard to tell someone exactly what to expect! The best way to go into a session is with an open mind and an intention to heal. You will be laying down comfortably and fully clothed, it is most important that you be relaxed- you can even fall asleep! Brook will be lightly touching you or be just a few inches away from your body for most of the session. Some people experience heat, coolness, slight pulsing or a relaxing wave like energy moving through them - again, this is different for everyone! It is not uncommon to "see" colors or images in your minds eye or have emotions and memories come up. Some people don't feel or "see" anything- just enter a state of deep relaxtion. The best thing about it is that there is NO wrong way to receive this energy. It Even if you don't feel anything, it is still working on you. Your breath can play an important role in the session. By taking deep breaths when we feel energy or emotions rising we help it move and release. Deep breathing also helps us unwind and relax - so deep belly breaths are highly encouraged!

Some time will be alloted at the end of your session to disuss what came up and what messages came through.

(Please go to the "offerings" page to read the cancellation and late policy)



After Care

Just because your session ends- does not mean it is over! The energy will still be working on you for a couple days so don't be surprised if things are still clearing. It is best to relax and be gentle with yourself right after a session, drink lots of water, get some fresh air- listen to what your body needs. Most people feel lighter and more at peace afterwards, you may have vivid dreams or notice you are sleeping more soundly. If your session stirred up alot of pent up emotions, you may feel a little sensitive for a day or so- that is a good thing. That means that you are letting these emotions go, they have to come up to come out! Just be mindful of how you are feeling and get plenty of rest and fluids. An epsom salt bath with lavender is very helpful as well. You willl receive a follow up email a day or two after your session with affirmations, meditations and any other healing instructions that came up to help you stay in balance.


***Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about how you are feeling after your session!***

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