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With more than twelve years of professional Energy Healing experience, Brook creates a profoundly nurturing and powerful container for her clients to reflect, balance, restore, and learn about how their energy field works. She is passionate about giving people the tools and support they need to work on themselves because nobody can do this work for you. She is simply a guide to assist this process—the process of self-knowledge and personal growth.

Going through her life initiations and crises', it was energy work that saved her—embracing the wounded healer and understanding that by working through her pain and shadow, she was learning how to hold space for others in theirs. She also recognizes that there is no "finish line" for healing and self-discovery -it requires constant learning and readjustment as we grow, so she still takes classes and sees other healers/therapists to continue her self-work. 

Over the years, Brook has grown into leading and facilitating bi-monthly Moon Ceremonies for her community starting in 2014. Working with groups has become her favorite way to hold space because the collective energies only amplify the healing. She also taught Energy work and Earth Magic for many years, opening up her metaphysical school in 2017. Brook has taken a break from teaching to focus on clients and creative projects.

Brook draws on her unique skills that she has fine-tuned over the years to create her Intuitive Energy Field Work style.

She has studied, been attuned, and apprenticed with many incredible teachers and mentors for whom she holds deep respect and gratitude.


  • Trained and Initiated in all levels (1,2 and Master/Teacher) of Tera Mai Seichem Reiki with Deborah Hanekamp aka Mama Medicine from 2011-2013.

  • Sound Healing and Sacred Song school with Xango Shola and Brooke Gallespie from the Sacred Arts Research Foundation 2012.

  • One year apprenticeship and advanced training in Earth Magic with Dr. Steven D. Farmer from 2015 - 2017.

  • APP (Associate Polarity Practitioner) at the Soma Psyche Institute NYC in 2014.

  • Alchemy of Astrology with Michelle Prentiss in 2017.

  • Level 1 QHHT- Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique as taught by Dolores Cannon in 2019.

  • Quantum Source Energy Field Mapping with Danielle Harris in 2019.

  • Initiated into13th Octave LaHoChi by Shannon O'Neill-Loyola of Radical Reiki in 2021.

Brook has been featured in Marie Claire Magazine, The Saved by the Spell podcast, The Persephone Program podcast, Bubble n Bitches podcast, Tasty Yummies Blog and more!

What is Intuitive energy field work?

Energy is in everything. It flows through every living thing. When energy is balanced and flowing uninterrupted, it brings us a deep sense of well-being on all levels- mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When blockages prevent that energy flow, we experience symptoms such as anxiety, depression, inflammation, pain, and insomnia- the list is long! The longer the imbalances remain, the more they will manifest into illnesses. 

We all have an electro-dynamic energy field around us- it looks like a big ring or donut that can vary in size from person to person. The field has many layers, colors, frequencies, and pockets of information, as each is unique and complex. Using her intuitive skills, Brook can "see" this Energy Field around each person and use that as a guide to focus on where the imbalances are. She will be taking notes throughout the session so you can actively participate in the process. Since each person is different, it is difficult to say what will happen, but Brook will work with your "spirit teams" to find the root cause of your imbalances. From there, she may extract foreign energies from the field, call back fragmented soul pieces, retrieve lost power, bring back messages, and give you homework so that the work is anchored in and the changes in your day-to-day can be made. 

Since energy transcends time and space- this work can be done in person or remotely. There is no difference in the outcome. There is no wrong way to receive, as long as you're relaxing and open to whatever comes up.

Brook will consult with you before and after the session to answer any questions you may have. The work will continue after the session as things integrate. Some people may experience a purging effect a day or two after- not unlike toxins being stirred up after a massage. You must drink plenty of water, rest and listen to your body during that time. Eat grounding, nourishing foods, and take Epsom salt baths. You can always reach out to Brook via email if you need support. 

**Please never take unprescribed substances or alcohol before or after a session! It is challenging to do energy work on someone high or intoxicated- Brook can usually tell and will most likely end the session. Being in your natural state is best (prescribed medications are ok).


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