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"Brook has had such an incredible impact on my life. When I first came to her, I was in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, I was stressed out, tense, anxious and couldn't seem to figure out a solution. In the two years since, my life has had numerous big changes, ups and downs, each were handled with a new found faith in myself and the universe.

I am continually amazed at how easily I open up to her and the insights I gain from each session.  Brook has a calming and nurturing presence, she feels like a long lost friend, life coach, spiritual guru, and a girlfriend that you want to talk with for hours over a bottle of wine. Thanks to Brook, I finally feel as though I am on the right path on my journey to becoming who I want and am supposed to be."

— Kate LeBeau.


"Brooks guidance and trust in the medicine coming through has opened my heart multiple times and she never ceases to amaze me with her intuitive capabilities. I’m forever grateful.” 

-Megan Douglas 



“Brook has provided a great gateway into getting back into my relaxed, creative state. Her gentle approach combined with her creativity is engaging, effective and so interesting!”

- Stacey Whitmire

"I highly recommend a session with Brook to anyone who is looking to clear out stagnant energy and deepen their relationship with themselves. I was unsure of what to expect with my first session, as I'd never done energy clearing or any kind of energy healing before, but I was really surprised at how much I felt move through me during and after the session. I mean I really felt this movement of energy in my body (through my stomach, hands, feet)! And the images and messages I receive or sensations I feel during the session are reflected back to me by Brook at the end of the session with almost uncanny precision. After my sessions I feel more grounded in myself, closer and more in touch with what steps I need to take next, how I can care for myself better, etc. Of course, life continues to present its challenges, but a session with Brook can help you clear out blocks that are disrupting your vision or decision making and help you get in touch with what just feels right at the moment. I can't recommend enough!

- Lily Vogt 

"I have been wanting to join Brook's moon rituals for a while, but for one reason or another it wouldn't happen. The stars aligned one night, even my husband joined. It was unbelievably nurturing, peaceful, and so BEAUTIFUL. The sound of the bowls, her singing...OMG!! The moment I heard Brook sing, tears rolled down, it's so angelic. I released so much, and saw an event replay in my head that I had never had before. It was so healing. I feel so light, whole, and genuinely happy. My husband, who mind you hasn't been so interested in moon rituals and meditations, said he felt so much during this moon ritual with Brook, he noticed a shift physically and emotionally. I can't thank her enough!"

-Zandy Galan






“I always have the most intensely beautiful and clear visuals when I am guided by Brook - colors, symbols, places, flowers, animals, everything. I’ve experienced this with Brook more than with other energy workers. Also, her moon ceremonies always re-adjust my energy and alignment, I feel totally relaxed and more centered after. It often lasts for days or weeks as well!” 

- Casey Massimino




"I found Brook on Instagram during Covid lockdowns and she has been a godsend ever since. The internet can be like the Wild West, so finding an energy worker who is so grounded yet expansive in her practice is a true rarity.  Her one on one remote sessions and moon ceremonies offer opportunities to move towards growth and healing. Her sound healings and guided meditations have been just what I needed during tumultuous times personally or collectively. Attend a ceremony and let Brook sing you back to yourself!"

-Rina Kenney



"In the fast-paced, nonstop world of New York City, Reiki has become an essential part of my life. For me, it is a time to slow down, reflect and check back in with myself. My sessions with Brook help me to see the little things that I often overlook on a day-to-day basis and help to reveal truths of the spiritual world that I could never imagine experiencing in the physical. After a Reiki session with Brook, I feel a sense of balance, fulfillment, calmness and understanding."

— Reese C.




"Without a doubt, since I began seeing Brook for Reiki and attended her Reiki Level 1 class, my life has moved in a positive direction. Aside from Brook being super talented, her inviting and calm demeanor makes every moment in her a presence a happy and positive experience. I would recommend seeing Brook for a healing session to anyone looking to bring more brightness into their lives."

                                                                    -Camila P.




"I had been seeing Brook for Reiki for over a year, and when I found out she was teaching Reiki 1, I had to sign up immediately! She is one of the most nurturing people I have ever encountered and I knew her class would be informative and effective. Energy healing comes so naturally to her, as does teaching. She is very thorough, patient and approachable. I am so grateful to have received my Reiki 1 attunement from her."

— Mariella B.






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